Use of Traits

During play a player can decide he wants to be certain of achieving an objective, he can decide to use one of of his unchecked/ticked Traits for one of the following purposes:

  • A re-roll, one complete re-roll of the dice, this totally ignores the previous result and is binding.
  • A +1, on the original roll. If you were close but not quite successful this makes a big difference.
  • A player’s fiat decision (subject to GMs veto) on a non-rolling situation. For example whether there is a spoon on the table.


Officer Jones wants to climb a wall to carry on chasing a suspect. He’s not very strong, or good at running, but he has a Trait Determined. He decides he wants to use this to help him out, so he now has to give a good in-character description of what he is doing so that Determined applies.

The GM has decided that he needs an 8, but he rolls a 6, +1 isn’t good enough so he gets a re-roll and scores 8 barely making it.

Once a Trait has been used, it becomes checked/ticked, and must wait for the GM to inform the player that it is now unchecked/unticked. This can be at any GM-deemed appropriate point.

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Use of Traits

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